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Plausible Analytics

Plausible integration in Doctave's dashboard

Plausible is a privacy-friendly Google Analytics alternative. You can send analytics events from Doctave to your Plausible account with this integration.

Unlike other analytics integrations, Doctave won't add a cookie-banner when the Plausible integration is enabled.

Setting Up

To set up this integration, follow these steps:

Doctave Side

  1. Go to your project's integration settings
  2. Enable Plausible for the site in the project's integrations Enabling Plausible for your site

Plausible Side

Next, let's set up the integration on Plausible's side

  1. Go to your Plausible Dashboard

  2. Create a new site using the domain of your Doctave site.

    If you have a custom domain for your project, use the custom domain. Otherwise use your project's * domain (for example,

You should now see events coming into your Plausible account.

Note: there is no need to manually add the Plausible tracking snippet. Doctave will add it to your site automatically once the integration is enabled.

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