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Reader Analytics

Doctave offers basic, privacy friendly site analytics for your sites out of the box.

You can view analytics on the Analytics tab in the Doctave dashboard.

Basic analytics

Viewing analytics for your site

Select a site on the analytics page to view visitor analytics. The default view shows the unique visitors for the site. You can switch the main metric using the metrics buttons.

Available metrics are

  • Unique visitors (sessions)
  • Page views


Selecting site, version and time frame

You can view metrics for different sites, time frames and versions using the top level filters section.

Top level filters section

Filtering by path

Using filters you can drill down on specific articles of your documentation. For example, you might want to analyze only the traffic to your API reference pages.

Click on table rows to add filters. Results must match one of the specified filters.

Adding filters

Most popular articles

Page views can be a valuable tool to understand what content resonates with your readers. The top articles table gives you an overview of your most read articles sorted by the chosen metric.

Top articles table

How are analytics tracked?

Doctave counts unique visitors and page views while respecting visitor privacy. The analytics are tracked server-side in a GDPR compliant way, without cookies or device-persistent identifiers.

The main limitation of Doctave's approach of tracking visitors is that we don't track unique visitors across multiple days. If the same reader comes to your documentation on Monday, and again the following Wednesday, Doctave will counts them as unique sessions.

The actual implementation follows the methodology outlined here.

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