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What's new in Doctave 2.0

Doctave v2 is our biggest release to date and brings a number of big improvements.

Component System

A new powerful component system inspired by MDX. The includes both a built-in component library, and the ability to create custom components.

The goal is expand your vocabulary when writing Markdown documentation to create more compelling experiences and intricate layouts.

Examples of built-in components are:

  • Card and Callout components for grouping content
  • Layout components like Tabs, Flex and Grid
  • Buttons for guiding users towards an action
  • A powerful new code box

A new look-and-feel

Doctave docs sites look better than ever! The familiar layout has been updated to look more modern.

Doctave now computes a whole color palette based on your brand's base color, and correctly chooses the right variant based on the context of the element.

In the future Doctave will also support more layouts and more design styles. Keep an eye on this space!

A long list of smaller changes

  • Breadcrumbs
  • Copyable code examples
  • Footer support

...and much more!

Migrating to v2

Read how to migrate your project to v2 ›

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