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What's Doctave?

Doctave is a both a toolchain for building technical documentation sites, and a platform for hosting those documentation sites.

We provide a desktop app that lets you preview locally what your documentation will look like once deployed. It also highlights issues with your documentation before publication.

Once your documentation is ready to be released, upload it to Doctave, and we will take care of hosting it for your readers.

Built with docs-as-code in mind

Doctave is built for docs-as-code. This means that the source of truth for your documentation lives in a Git repository, instead of in a 3rd party service.

There are lots of benefits when using docs-as-code.

  1. Technical writers and engineers can collaborate through a Git workflow
  2. You can version your documentation with Git branches
  3. You can automate many tasks, such as linting or auto generating documentation
  4. Publishing to Doctave is as easy as adding 1 line to your CI/CD pipeline


Doctave documentation is written in Markdown. It's a commonly used format for describing prose, and is a great fit for technical documentation.

Beyond basic Markdown features, Doctave also supports extensions such as tables.

OpenAPI References

Beyond written documentation in Markdown, you can also use Doctave for API references by including your Open API specifications. Doctave will present details of your API next to your written docs with the same look and feel.

Doctave currently support Open API 3.0.

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