Reader Feedback

Doctave includes a reader feedback widget on every page of your documentation site. It lets your readers inform you of issues directly in the docs.

Feedback widget

The feedback widget is at the bottom of each page of your documentation.

screenshot of the feedback widget found on the bottom of a docs

Feedback is in the form of a positive or negative sentiment and it can include a comment from the reader.

NOTE: build previews don't have the feedback widget included.

Accessing feedback

Your documentation feedback can be found from the dashboard's feedback page. From here, you can dig into each site's feedback.


Reader sentiment can be tracked on a week-by-week basis in the dashboard. Doctave saves the sentiment, version, what page was being accessed, and presents them to you visually.

Your documentation sentiment can be found under the sentiment tab.

weekly graph showing feedback sentiment for a documentation


Readers can leave comments as part of their feedback. You can access the comments under the comments tab.

list of reader comments for a given site

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