Microsoft Clarity

Microsoft Clarity integration in Doctave's dashboard

Microsoft Clarity is a free tool that captures how people use your site. You can enable this integration to monitor the behaviour of your users in your documentation.

Setting Up

To set up this integration, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your project's integration settings
  2. Enable Microsoft Clarity for the site in the site's integrations by adding your Clarity project ID Enabling Microsoft Clarity for your site

Finding your Clarity project ID

Doctave needs your Clarity project ID in order to install the tracking code.

You can find your project ID by visiting your project settings in the Clarity dashboard.

Location of your project ID in Clarity's settings

Cookie Consent

If Microsoft Clarity is installed on your site, Doctave will add a cookie banner to your documentation. Don't worry, it will look as awesome as your site!

Cookie banner

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