Structure of a Doctave Project

A Doctave project is primarily made up of files on your source control. Lets take a look at the details.

Project root and configuration

Doctave assumes the root of your project to be the directory including the main project configuration file: doctave.yaml. This file is referred to as the project file.

This file describes a number of things about your project, from theming, to which OpenAPI specifications to include.

You can read the reference for the project file here.


The main site navigation is defined in the navigation.yaml file. You can use it to define nested sections of links to your docs.

You can read the reference for the navigation file here.

Markdown content

Doctave will interpret all Markdown files in your project as individual pages. The location of the files in your project will determine which URL the page will be accessible at.

The root URL (/) will always resolve to The URL path /guides/creating-an-account will resolve to the file guides/


All your assets, such as images, should be put in a _assets directory. You can reference these assets in your docs by using their path from the root of the project:

![a picture of a cat](_assets/cat.jpg)

OpenAPI specifications

OpenAPI specs should be included as files in your project. Doctave currently doesn't support combining multiple files to construct your specification, so you will have to include it as a single file.

Remember to reference your OpenAPI spec in your doctave.yaml file. You can read more about including OpenAPI specs here.

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