Site Domains

Each Doctave site is accessible through a unique URL. It can be the default provided by Doctave, or you can use your own domain.

Default domain

Each site gets its own unique subdomain under the domain. For example, if you name your site My Site, you can access your site under the subdomain.

You can customize the subdomain when you create your site.

Screenshot of site creation showing how to set a custom subdomain for your

Custom domains

Doctave supports adding a custom domain for your site. Currently we support adding a full domain, such as, but not subpaths such as

To add a custom domain to your site, navigate to your site's settings and click on "Add custom domain."

Once you have specified your domain, you will be shown instructions to verify your domain and set the correct CNAME DNS record.

Screenshot Doctave site settings showing instructions on how to verify
your domain and configure DNS records

Verifying your domain

Before you can use your custom domain, you may need to prove ownership of your domain. This is done by adding a DNS CNAME record proving that you have ownership of the domain.


Once you have verified your domain, Doctave will generate and automatically update a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate for your domain.

All Doctave sites use SSL. HTTP requests are automatically redirected to HTTPS.


  • You can only add full domains, such as Domains with a subpath, such as aren't currently supported.
  • Doctave only supports CNAME DNS records.
  • Doctave doesn't support bringing your own SSL certificate

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