Setting your look and feel

Doctave provides a number of ways for you to customize the look and feel of your documentation with your doctave.yaml file.

screenshot of a Doctave site with a customized theme

Color schemes

You can customize the theme colors of your docs using hex color codes. They live under the colors key in your doctave.yaml file.

title: My Docs
  main: "#7B8FFE"
  main_dark: "#7B8FFE"
  bg: "#FFFFFF"
  bg_dark: "#F8FAFC"

Remember to quote your color hex codes. Otherwise, they will be interpreted as YAML comments.

For a list of all the customizable colors, see the colors reference.

You can also use the your theme colors in your custom CSS with CSS variables.

Scheme structure

You can control the following parts of the UI with variables:

  • main (your brand's main highlight color used for example in links)
  • main-contrast (a complementary color for your brand's main highlight color, utilized when the main color serves as the background.)
  • text-base (used for most text)
  • text-strong (used for bold and other emphasized text)
  • text-soft (for de-emphasized text)
  • bg (the background of the page)
  • bg-secondary (a secondary background color, used for example for code blocks)
  • border (the color of various borders)

Dark mode

There are also *-dark variants for each of the listed colors for customizing your docs in dark mode.

For example, to update the background color in dark mode use bg-dark: "#020617".

Overriding colors for specific sections

Sometimes you may want to specify a different color scheme for a particular part of the page, such as the header or the main navigation.

You can override the default colors for a specific part of your docs with the nav-*, header-*, or content-* prefixes.

screenshot showing which color prefixes impact which parts of the page

For example, you could specify a completely different style for your header, like this:

  # Default colors for the site
  main: "#b92315"
  bg: "#fef4ee"

  # Override with custom colors only for header
  header_main: "#FFF"
  header_bg: "#f26f45"
  header_bg_secondary: "#b92315"
  header_text_base: "#771b17"
  header_text_strong: "#FFF"
  header_text_soft: "#fac7ae"
  header_border: "#f69a72"

You should see the header updated to use the above colors:

example of a customized header in Doctave

Restricting site to a specific color scheme

You may use the color mode property to restrict your site only to a single color scheme.

For example, set it only to the dark mode:

color_mode: dark


You can specify a logo to show in the top left side of the page header. You can customize the logo in both light and dark mode.

  src: _assets/logo.svg
  src_dark: _assets/logo-dark.svg
  • The logo must be located under the _assets directory.
  • The logo will be capped to a height of 20px.
  • We recommend that you use svg logos, but also support png and jpeg formats.


You can customize the site identity further with a favicon. The favicon is shown in browser tabs and bookmarks. To set up a favicon, you need a favicon file. You can use an online generator or pick one from your existing brand assets. Recommended file formats are svg or ico.

  src: "_assets/favicon.ico"

You can find the favicon preview in the left-hand sidebar next to the page title.

The favicon preview

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