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Installing Doctave Studio

The Doctave desktop shows you what your documentation will look like once published, and gives you real-time feedback about issues such as broken links.

The Doctave desktop app

Downloading the app

If you aren't prompted to download the desktop app, you can visit our download portal.



You can install the app like any MacOS program. Once you've downloaded the installer, double click it to open the package, and drag the Doctave app into your Applications folder:

MacOS desktop installer

The same package will work both on older Intel and newer Apple ARM Macs.


After downloading the package, unzip it, and double click the Doctave MSI installer.

The Windows build is still in beta. During this time, you may see Windows give warnings during the installation process. However, application is identical to the ones distributed for MacOS and Linux.

If you have any questions, reach out to us at


The Doctave app is packaged as a multi-distro x86 AppImage. After downloading the package, untar it and place the binary in a suitable location.

On Ubuntu, Doctave is officially supported on Ubuntu versions 20.04 and upwards.

Once you have installed the app, let's create your first Doctave project.

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