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Link component

The <Link> works just like a normal Markdown link ([link text](url)), but with a few additional useful features.

  • You can set target="_blank" to open links in a new tab
  • You can add a custom class with class="custom class"
  • The link text can be arbitrary Markdown


To add a link, you must provide a href attribute:
<Link href="/">Click here</Link>

Custom class

You can add a custom class to your link with the class attribute:
<Link href="/" class="custom-styles">Click here</Link>

Opening links in a new tab

You can make the link open in a new tag with target="_blank"
<Link href="/" target="_blank">Open in external tab</Link>


The component accepts the following props as attributes.

hrefURL of the linkyes
classCustom CSS classno
targetTarget of the link. Either _self (default), or _blankno

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