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Box component

A <Box> component is a way to group together Markdown content inside other components. For example, if you want to group together two paragraphs inside a <Grid> element, you can wrap them in a <Box>.

Under the hood, <Box> will be converted to a plain <div>.


<Box> **One paragraph** More content </Box>


One paragraph

More content

(A <Box> isn't particularly useful on its own.)

Usage in a grid

You can put content inside boxes in order to group them together inside a <Grid> or <Flex> component.

<Grid cols="2">
  <Box> ... </Box>
  <Box> ... </Box>



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You can adjust the padding inside the <Box> with the p attribute. It must be a value between 0 and 5 inclusive.

<Box pad="5">


You can tell your Box element to consume the full height of its container with the height attribute.


<Box height="full">
  This container will fill its parent

Must be one of auto or full. Defaults to auto.

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