Introduction to Doctave

Doctave is a both a toolchain for building technical documentation sites, and a platform for hosting those documentation sites.

The documentation you are reading is, of course, built with Doctave.

We subscribe to the idea of docs-as-code. This means all your documentation lives in source control, and is released just like any other software.


Doctave provides a desktop app that lets you preview locally what your documentation will look like once deployed. Open up the app next to your preferred text editor and write away.

The app highlights issues with your documentation before publication. Broken links and syntax issues are caught before they reach your users.

screenshot of the Doctave desktop app

Continuous documentation

We recommend including Doctave in your CI/CD pipeline. This means that every change to your documentation will be uploaded and verified automatically.

Doctave supports build previews, which allows you to set up your CI/CD so that each pull request will get its own isolated version where you and your team can see the results of your changes.


Once your documentation is ready to be published, Doctave will take care of hosting it for your readers. You get a modern and functional documentation site that supports advanced search, versioning, access control, dark mode, and much more.

Doctave comes with an analytics system that lets you track reader sentiment and feedback.

Next steps

➤ To get started, see how to create a Doctave account.

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