Collaborate With Your Team

Documentation is everyone's responsibility, and we built Doctave with collaboration in mind.

In this section, let's look at how Doctave help your work together with your team on documentation.

Build previews

Each time you upload your docs Doctave builds a new preview which can be viewed to ensure everything looks good. Preview builds are behind a link which allows you to share it with your team and receive comments. Read more about build previews.

preview build screenshot

Git-native workflow

As Doctave follows the idea of docs-as-code, it enables the use of all the collaboration features of Git out of the box. Use your favorite Git cloud provider and collaborate how you're used to.

Set up your CI/CD pipeline to create a new build each time a new pull request is opened to make sharing easier. See the CI/CD page for examples.

GitHub integration

You can enable Doctave's GitHub integration by going to your teams team's integrations page.

This will give you automatic preview environment links when you update your documentation.

Next step

This is the end of our Getting started tutorial!

We encourage you to read our guides and explore what else is possible with Doctave: customize your theme, add OpenAPI specifications, or manage multiple versions.

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