Setting your look and feel

Doctave provides a number of ways for you to customize the look and feel of your documentation with your doctave.yaml file.


You can specify a logo to show in the top left side of the page header. You can customize the logo in both light and dark mode.

  src: _assets/logo.svg
  src_dark: _assets/logo-dark.svg
  • The logo must be located under the _assets directory.
  • The logo will be capped to a height of 20px.
  • We recommend that you use svg logos, but also support png and jpeg formats.


You can customize the site identity further with a favicon. The favicon is shown in browser tabs and bookmarks. To set up a favicon, you need a favicon file. You can use an online generator or pick one from your existing brand assets. Recommended file formats are svg or ico.

  src: "_assets/favicon.ico"

Color themes

You can customize the theme colors of your docs using hex color codes.

title: My Docs
  main: "#7B8FFE"
  main_dark: "#7B8FFE"
  header_bg: "#FFFFFF"
  nav_bg: "#F8FAFC"

For a list of all the customizable colors, see colors reference.

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