Uploading Docs

You will want to periodically upload your documentation to Doctave as part of your engineering workflow. We recommend uploading your documentation in your Continuour Integration pipeline.

How it works

To upload your documentation, you need an upload token. This is project-specific, and can be found in your project's settings under the URL https://docs.doctave.com/settings/<organization>/<project>.


upload token

Once you have your upload token, you can use our Push Script to upload your documentation. This is a simple script that compresses your documentation and sends them to Doctave.

# Set your upload token
$ export DOCTAVE_UPLOAD_TOKEN=<your token>

# Make sure you're in the correct directory
$ cd my_project

# Invoke the script and upload your docs
$ curl -Ls https://docs.doctave.com/push.sh | bash -s -- .

If you want to see how the script works, you can view it here.

Continuous Integration

To see how to publish your docs on specific contiunous integration providers, see this page.