GitHub Integration

Doctave integrates with GitHub to give you Previews and rich Diffs of your documentation right in your pull requests.

Installing the GitHub App

In order to enable these features, you have to install the Doctave GitHub App. To do so, click the user icon in the top right corner and select Organization settings, or by visiting your organization settings under<your organization>/settings. There you will find the section to install the App under your organization account.

install github app

NOTE: You must have administrative access to your GitHub organization in order to install the app.


Now, every time you push your docs to Doctave, we will annotate the commit associated with the documentation using the GitHub Checks Api.

github checks example

Doctave will annotate the commit with:

  • A link to a visual diff of the documentation
  • A link to preview the documentation as-is

These will be visible in pull requests and anywhere else the commit is referenced in GitHub.