How it works hosts your docs-as-code sites so that you can easily search and view them all in one place. Let's take a look at how this worksin practice.

If you have any unanswered questions, you can email and we can assist you with any special requests.

Where do my docs live?

With Doctave, you write your documentation next to your source code in your source control repository. This practice is called docs-as-code. Each repository has its own documentation under a /docs folder, written in Markdown.

When you upload your documentation to Doctave, we store and index it so that it becomes viewable and searchable under

How do I write my docs?

You use our open-source documentation site generator. With it, you can initialize and locally preview your documentation.

$ doctave init
Doctave | Init
Creating your docs...

Created doctave.yaml...
Created docs folder...
Created docs/
Created docs/

Done! Run doctave serve to view your docs site locally.

$ doctave serve
Doctave | Serve
Starting development server...

Server running on

How are my docs sent to Doctave?

We provide a simple script to push your documentation to Doctave. We recommend running this script on every commit as part of CI/CD. This way you will be able to track the changes in your documentation across branches and history over time and make sure you always have the latest documentation published.

The script it this simple:

$ export DOCTAVE_UPLOAD_TOKEN=<your project token>
$ curl -Ls | bash -s -- .

Once run, your documentation will then become immediately available in<your org>/<your project>.

🔒 We never see your source code

We take privacy very seriously at Doctave, which is why we never have access to your source code. You decide when to upload your documentation, and Doctave never sees your code. Only what you upload to us.

How does integrate with GitHub? can annotate your commits with information about your documentation. This includes visual diffs of your documentation changes and previews of your documentation on

You can read more about our GitHub integration here.

Is Doctave free to use? is free to use for public documentation projects. If you want to host private documentation, we have have Team plans available.