Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between "Doctave" the open source documentation site generator and

The documentation site generator Doctave came first. It was built to be a simple batteries-included documentation generator for Markdown docs. However we realised that for teams with multiple projects hosting a docs site for each project was too much overhead, so we decided to build a custom hosting solution just for Doctave - this became This would allow us to build features that a static site generator cannot do by itself.

So, Doctave the open source site generator will always be free to use, and you can host those sites anywhere. If you want more features aimed at larger teams, you should consider using for hosting instead.

Can I use Jekyll, Mkdocs, or another documentation site generator with

Currently we only support the format assumed by Doctave.

Can you host my API or language documentation?

This is something that is on our roadmap, but the timeline is still undecided. If you are interested in hosting your OpenAPI Docs, or language documentation (such as jsdoc or let us know about your use case by emailing