What is Doctave?

Doctave.com is a platform for hosting all your team's documentation using a developer-friendly docs-as-code approach.

Where to start?

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If you are already using Doctave.com, you may want to dig into the details:

Our mission: radically simpler documentation

Doctave was created because we felt documentation needed to be simplified. Many technical teams have documentation spread out across wikis, Google Docs, Notion pages or even Post-It Notes. Never standardized, never up to date.

We pull in learnings from companies like Google, Twitter and Spotify that successfully implemented docs-as-code systems, and built a developer-friendly, batteries included, standardized way to document all your systems.

No more asking "where are the docs?". The docs are in Doctave.

Step out of the bikeshed and start writing quality documentation.

Happy documenting!

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